3 x 2 Metrics & the paradox of choice


How many metrics are too many metrics?

Psychologist Barry Schwartz coined the phrase “Paradox of Choice”. This phrase tell us that, while increased choice allows us to achieve objectively better results, it also leads to greater anxiety, indecision, paralysis, and dissatisfaction.
Becky Kane from the ToDoList Blog says:

“Rather than empowering us to make better choices, our virtually unlimited access to information often leads to greater fear of making the wrong decision, which in turn leads to us spinning our wheels in a seemingly inescapable purgatory of analysis paralysis, all the while getting nowhere on our important projects.”

She goes on further to add that this is how over thinking decisions is holding you back:

1. Overthinking lowers your performance on mentally-demanding tasks

2. Overthinking kills your creativity

3. Overthinking eats up your willpower

4. Overthinking makes you less happy

from “The science of analysis paralysis: How Overthinking Kills Your Productivity & What You Can Do About It”


So what are we to do then? Well, if you’re reading this then it’s probably because you need to understand that V3DA hub is designed to make the most of the little time and attention that you have. In other words, you need to come in, scan your dashboard for 30 seconds and be on your way.

How does V3DA hub do this then?

The primary means is to keep your metrics tight. We use two sets of three metrics or dimensions, aka 3 x 2 metrics. That’s a total of 6 metrics. We recognize that some professions, instructors and coaches have many many more. Certainly more than six. While we cannot deny the validity of many metrics for some situations, for the most part, the average person six is more than enough. Definitely if your goal is to get your data, consume it, and get back to your life in under a few minutes, then you’ve come to the right place.