Special Metric – The Belt Velocity

We’ve got a soft spot for Martial Arts. After all the founder of V3DA.com is an avid Brazilian JiuJituskan BlackBelt.

To that end, our default metrics for martial arts (for our initial launch) includes ‘Belt receive and promotion’ dates. With these two metrics we’re able to calculate, an industry first, something we’ve coined as the ‘Belt Velocity’ tm .

Simply put, it’s a measure of when you started and how ‘fast’ you are improving and accelerating in performance*. The faster your promotions, the higher your velocity.

* Other arts and disciplines are free to incorporate, and encouraged to participate in the use of concept of ‘belts’ and ‘belt velocity’ within their respective fields.


Why would you want to measure ‘Belt Velocity’?

For one, it allows you to gauge where you land amongst your peers. You may have an idea in your head, but this is more specific. And better, you can compare against industry averages to see where your school sits among others.

Plus it gives your coach an idea of your aggregate performance. And it allows him/her to spot potential problems before they get out of hand. For example, a real slow BV for several years may raise a flag for special attention or communication. . . a word of encouragement perhaps. Or contrary, a super charged BV is clearly indicating that this individual perhaps can think about going ‘Pro’. These are just suggestions. Each school will have different observations and conclusions.

* Please be advised that currently, BV is only calculated for adults 16 years and older. Children are on a separate belt grading system than adults.

** Where can I find my BV? Head over to your dashboard. It’s listed in your details.