Purpose. Control. Optimism.

What does it take to succeed? This is a question that often comes up for most people when it comes to the things in life that they want to win at. And we’ve all come around to reading that article which lists the top ten items. You know… get up early, go for a run, read your work email, do yoga… all before leaving for work. But what if we ask our selves another question? What if it turns out that happiness is a key factor in our success. It makes sense. Keep yourself happy, and you’re probably more likely to do a good job, complete the job and win!

So how does one get happy? Well in this recent article in ‘INVERSE’ they talk about ‘POC’, a morning ritual, short for:

Purpose, Control and Optimism.

You can read it here: [Article]

But before you skootch over to read it, let me quickly explain how V3DA Hub can help you achieve your goals and in effect, make you happy.

  1. Purpose. The Hub gives you a point of reference to see your progress. You will see your successes (and perhaps your failures) and you’ll even be rewarded for them! Besides just getting better in your practise, which is value in itself, tracking takes it up a notch.
  2. Control. No one really likes being it the dark do they. How am I doing? Where am I going? Am I actually ‘going’? How will I know? The Hub literally will show your progress. And best part? It gives you the vehicle to manage your progress and sense of control. The Dashboard is designed to be interactive, yet simple and rewarding. Your key tools at your finger tips.
  3. Optimism. When we see how far we’ve come, it’s no surprise to know that you’re going to feel good about the future. Your personal coach will guide you and give you the moral support needed to push through and over that wall.