Today and the years ahead, as businesses become even more digital and move into the cloud, industries will unfortunately see an increase in data breaches, phishing scams and hacking. And because of this, businesses will be judged and defined by their trustworthiness and proven ability to protect the privacy and integrity of client data.

This is why V3DA hub takes this responsibility seriously and makes it our top priority. For starters, we use only the top leading edge Amazon Web Services (AWS) tm infrastructure, both on the physical, platform and internet protocol layers. Globally it's the leading, trusted infrastructure platform out there.

On a more personal level, the data stored on V3DA hub is always yours. That's correct. At any point, you can simply walk away, export your data and delete if from our servers (lets see you do that on Facebook). If you're going to another gym, you can actually just swap out your gym with a simple click and identity confirmation. Talk about portability of data.



AWS Monitored change control


SSH secure login


AWS access security



What else do we do to ensure your privacy and security?





Security 2FA
V3DA hub uses two factorial authentication where possible. Our admin, academy gym owners and instructors also log in via captcha authentication. The days of simple password logins are gone and V3DA hub closely monitors emerging new technologies.


Security Firewall
A firewall is installed on the hosting server and always on alert to prevent DOS and other security vulnerabilities like injection of malicious software. Think of this as your front door to your home, only made of solid steel and armed to the teeth.


Security Malware
Malware and blacklist scans are done daily across the entire platform, detecting and auto deleted. Today's hackers are sophisticated. Everyday new hacks try to exploit vulnerable entry points. A team of dedicated experts monitor and fix them.


Uptime and security monitoring is done hourly. We're not sleeping, so you can. Any issues notify us in real time. 24/7/365. Our backend System Admins have a comprehensive dashboard, showing the current state of security and privacy.


Our servers are on two virtually dedicated allocated cores. What does that mean to you? Speed on tap and scalable on demand based on real world needs.


Business continuity
Servers are co-located for business continuity and disaster recovery. This means that built in fail safe measures kickin in the event of catastrophic failure, our servers will automatically failover to redundant servers located elsewhere.


Data Integrity
The entire site and all its data are backed up regularly and automated. Re-installs can be done in a matter of 30 seconds. This means your data is handled with care and can always be restored to a previous backup state.


Browser security
Our site uses industry led SSL (security socket layer) encryption between your browser and our servers. SSL connectivity is checked daily (look for the lock icon in your browser search bar). This means when you and your clients interact with you, their sensitive data is safe.


Online safety
tm anti-spam is always on alert looking for bogus in coming spam. This means your content on V3DA hub is protected from unwanted spam attacks so your students and clients only see what they are meant to see. Nothing more. Nothing less.


Malware monitoring


Spam, DOS, injection protection


2 Factorial Authentication



A word about Salting and Hashing

V3DA hub uses a technique called 'salting and hashing' where the password chosen by you has random text added to it, then it is sent to an algorithm to be converted into a long indecipherable cryptic alphanumeric value.

In other words, V3DA hub doesn’t store your password in plain text, and consequently, any prying eyes, no matter who, will not be able to reverse decipher your encrypted password. Not even us.





We use industry leading secure payment gateways like Apple Pay tm, Stripe tm, PayPal tm and WooCommerce tm each dedicated to ensuring the safety of your digital transactions with us. And of course each transaction is insured by the ensuing payment gateway (in addition to your credit card - if applicable)