You’re a coach or school owner – what’s in this for you


You’re a coach or school owner. What’s in this for you?


Here are five good reason to be happy. V3DA hub is designed to help bring you there.

  1. Improve your student’s performance so they grow better, faster. Fewer quitters. More champions.
  2. Reduce your work load managing. In fact you can save upwards of 10 hrs/mth (based on a team of 20 members each requiring a minimum of 0.5 hr/mth of face to face interaction and assessment using non digital paper based management).
  3. Improve your private bookings and attrition with easy to use software booking tool.
  4. Sleep better at night knowing we’re still working around the clock even if you’re not. The tool doesn’t need sleep. In fact it loves working around the clock responding to each student as required.
  5. One easy to view dashboard. All your students. No fuss. Guaranteed.
  6. Engage, activate and motivate your students to become a more happier and fulfilled person


Your existing customers are the most valuable


If you’re a school owner or instructor, you’ll understand the importance of attaining and keeping your students. I know you’ve already done a ton of research on Marketing, so I won’t bore you with more stuff. I’ll keep it short and let images do all the talking.

Below is a great bit of Infographic that really captures many of the important facts about keeping and treating nice your existing customers, for one simple reason: they are your most valuable. Period.

V3DA hub is designed specifically towards your existing clients. Not just keeping them, but actually making them happier through a more fulfilling, engaged process. It’s a win win situation.