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Welcome to V3DA Marketplace!

Say goodbye to "one size fits all" coaching.

V3DA Marketplace is where coaches help students accelerate their growth by leveraging their existing coach/student relationship with a variety of new content and techniques directly delivered to them!

With adaptive coaching at its core, the V3DA Marketplace is an experience that is beautifully designed, viewer-focused, and student-centric. Coaches can create courses, so students can access premium instructions and strategies no matter where they are.


"Our coaches are the best in their business".

Our mission:
"To provide customized true coaching style content to the average user who wants to excel like the pros, without sacrificing quality and competitive pricing."




Key Benefits at a glance


High-quality coaching in your field at your fingertips

Access your coach, receive otherwise difficult to deliver content

Leverage your existing relationship with your coach


Tap into a pool of diverse coaches to go deeper, wider

Competitive pricing. Easy on your wallet. Deeper into knowledge

Reach across a spectrum of disciplines to broaden your horizon





Career Coaching

Get professional career coaching to get you back on track or to push into the next level. That glass ceiling can be shattered with the right guidance, strategies, techniques and network.

Athletic Coaching

Take your game to the next level. We've all been there before. Plateaued. Peaked. Can't seem to get to that next level. Find that one small detail that you've been looking for at V3DA MarketPlace.

Life Coaching

Stuck in a rut? Sometimes it can feel like we're a hamster running on a spin wheel, endlessly. You might just need that one little adjustment to reposition the lens in your life. See the world a little differently.

Business Coaching

We can struggle for a very long time, repeating mistakes others have made countless times before us. Why do that to yourself? Hire a business coach and let them show you how to do it faster, easier, properly, and most importantly, make you more money.

Executive Coaching

Now you're in the big leagues. You've got to look the part, talk the talk, and how to negotiate that next career move to 'C' level. No easy task. Find the right executive coach to help you.

Personal Trainer

You haven't got the time to run to the gym, schedule time with your personal trainer, instead, what if you could simply log in, and download personal trainer coaching videos? Straight onto your mobile device or big screen tv in your living room? You can with V3DA MarketPlace.


High-Performance Coaching

Take your entire life to the next level. Not just your career, or your body. But also your mind and spirit. Let our high-performance coaches show you how to take the reins and kick it to the next level.


Personal Coaching

Whether it's organizational, personal development, confidence, wellness, team, intimacy, happiness, or empowerment coaching. Find the right coach for your needs here.


Your Personal Dashboard

Coaches that have optionally signed up for our exclusive V3DA hub coaching performance accelerator, can offer their students, their own personalized performance dashboard. Ask your coach about V3DA hub.

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