What is V3DA hub?

V3DA hub, (pronounced “Veda“), is the #1 “Adaptive Coaching Performance Accelerator” (ACPA) tm

Under the hood, it’s part cutting edge technology, part human intelligence. It’s a coaching management tool for coaches to have a digital download curriculum/dashboard of their practice plan. It has student performance analytics based on metrics you decide. It was designed by athlete players with current professional and youth athletes.

V3DA Hub,

  • Helps people make the most of their time. It’s simple visual dashboard shows you instant snapshots of your groups’ performance as well as allowing you to drill down into more detail. Ultimately it is a performance accelerator that will help you get the best results from your student body
  • Makes it easy for admin teams to have an overview of their performance data and allows them to drill into individual students or classes for more detail
  • Is more than an online student management system – it is a coaching management performance accelerator that provides a continuous, data-driven improvement framework for teaching and learning
  • Is a full-circle coaching management solution designed specifically to drive student achievement and teacher effectiveness with an integrated system of real-time data analytics, coaching tools, and gamification — helping coaches build a culture of continuous improvement

instructor dashboard


Fig 1. Instructors will see a dashboard similar to the above.
Students will see something very similar only more simple. See sample.



How does V3DA hub work?

Imagine being able to help your students learn 30% faster and, at the same time, find it easier to motivate your weaker students. That’s what V3DA hub does. From a single screen, you can get a full overview of every student’s progress, set goals and targets individually for every student, and reach out to individual students to spur them on when they need it the most.

As you can see above in our example, when you register with your school at V3DA hub, you’ll see in your personal dashboard what we call “Top Dimensions”. These are fundamentals that one must square away as a baseline. Your top dimension are your way of saying you’re serious about what you do. Without the fundamentals, it’s quite often hard to progress to more advanced dimensions.

Below the Top Dimensions are what we call the “Sub Dimensions“. These are advanced training concepts specifically designed by industry professionals. They are designed to help you focus on key areas to help you improve in the areas you are most weak. Later on, you can even unlock master-level training concepts (more on that later).

But whatever you chose to call them, YOU decide what your metrics are. Good, bad, hard, easy, simple, difficult . . you get the idea.

In your very own private dashboard, you’ll be able to see your progress being tracked by your coach. Yes, YOUR coach, the one you see regularly. Your coach is your 1:1 instructor who is dedicated to monitoring your growth and well-being. Your coach will periodically make updates to your progress, based on your level of engagement, training, and effort. You’ll leave comments about specific areas that are troubling you and your coach will provide feedback. You’re never in the dark.

V3DA hub revolutionizes the coach/athlete relationship. Hone your skills, sync with teammates, and challenge online with new training games.

And when you’re ready to take it to the next level, you’ve got options.

  1. Book 1:1 Private instructor time, with ANY of your verified instructors, right from within your dashboard. When you’re done, your instructor will update your profile to keep track of your progress
  2. Premium content specifically designed by professionals! (coming soon)


Fig 2. Owners will see a dashboard similar to the above.



But where do the dimensions come from? Who designs them?

That’s a great question. When a school registers, typically the owner and/or the head instructor will sit down together to create their Dimensions for their school. Alternately they’ll be able to use ready-made Professionally designed ones (coming soon!).

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