V3DA hub coach certification program

V3DA hub certification program


Welcome! You've taken a great step forward to improving yourself and helping your clients succeed.

Enrolling in the V3DA hub coach certification program indicates to the world your expertise of the V3DA hub system, and all its content in its knowledge base.

With your certification, you separate yourself from other coaches by demonstrating competencies in:


Professional relationship management


Setting up clients for success


Understanding of the new power model


Understanding the client evolutionary model


Understanding the value distribution between new and existing clients


Understanding how to best maximize coaching time and client time


. . . all while being able to guide and manage your clients in an effective, easy to use software suite.

Certification has been shown to increase base salaries by a whooping 76%1.
That's no laughing matter. Who couldn't use a bit more money?


A professional committed coach that has taken an oath to uphold.

So let's get started.
It's as easy as 1-2-3-4.


  1. Register with V3DA hub (free)
  2. Register for the certification program
  3. Read and study all our white-papers and learn the V3DA hub system
  4. Successfully complete the short exam. This is an open-book exam. A pass mark is 70%.



And that's it!

Upon completion of the exam this is what will happen next:


  • Our automated examination engine will start and score your exam
  • You will be presented with the number of correct answers and your overall grade
  • A passing grade is a 70%
  • Successful exam passing candidates will be presented with a personal digitally signed certificate with our official gold seal
  • Your name will be added to our official database of V3DA hub certified coaches
  • Didn't pass? That's ok. You're allowed to retake your exam 


Now go out there and conquer the world. 


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