V3DA Affiliate Partner Program

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Do you manage a community, league, affiliation, or an association? Or maybe you're an affiliate marketer?

If one of the above sounds like you, read on.

Discover the benefits of an affiliate partnership with V3DA hub below.




Key Benefits at a glance


Earn % commission on every new sale you refer in perpetuity*

Hard work gets rewarded with unlimited no cap limit commissions

Leverage a powerful tool with no technical skills to complement your business


View up-to-date visit, referral and payout data in your affiliate area

Tiered partners can earn upwards of up to 50% per sale in perpetuity at platinum level

Starts at a whopping 30% payout on day 1. Payouts processed monthly ($100 min.)



Revenue Stream

V3DA hub can help your bottom line by adding more cash into your account. Month over month. It's simple. Each sale is a subscription, not one time. A percentage of the subscription price get automatically deposited to your account, every month.

Zero Capital Investment

The most common barrier to expansion faced by today’s small businesses is lack of access to capital. Expand without the risk of debt or the cost of equity. Joining our partner program has a zero barrier to entry. Join while it's still free to join.

Motivated Partner

We want to see you succeed. If you succeed, we succeed. So we'll do our best to provide you a simple and easy to implement strategy, with zero technology requirements - turn key to start. It's that simple.

Edge on Competitors

You're looking for market differentiators in your overcrowded market. Unique selling propositions are challenging to come by. V3DA hub gives you value add turn key 'USP'. Simply drag and drop.

Distributed Resourcing

You don't need technical staff, product, program nor project managers to launch a sophisticated tool like V3DA hub. You focus on your business and we'll ensure V3DA hub keeps humming in the background.

Reduced Risk

We've already sunk in huge capital investments in infrastructure, technology, staffing and marketing so you don't have to. The risk to reward ratio is extremely low. Meaning, little risk but high potential. What else could you want?


Lifetime Commissions

Once a customer links to you, you receive a commission on all future purchases by the customer. Since you are linked, you will be awarded a commission even if the customer clears their browser cookies or uses a different computer.


Partner Landing Page & Prebuilt Content

Partners receive a dedicated landing page, which you can promote without using an affiliate link. Personalize your page how you want. No web hosting fees required or coding experience required. You'll have access to our pre-built content to get you started in a snap.


Your Personal Dashboard

With access to your very own personal dashboard, you get real time access to your referral stats, generate affiliate links, and view your earnings. View your stats for unpaid, pending, rejected and paid referral earnings.


Direct Link

 An alternative to your dedicated home page, enable direct link, and customers you send from your domain/web site, automatically get linked to your referral account, seamlessly.


Push notifications

Enable Pushover notifications and receive alerts of new referral conversions and payout, direct to your mobile notiifcation center.


Affiliate Dashboard Sharing

Affiliate Dashboard Sharing allows you to easily share the referral URLs you have generated, right from their affiliate dashboard.

You had me at 'partner'.

So, how does it work?


1. Own your segment

What's your speciality? We'll help you carve out your area and vertical. Being in on the ground floor will provide you an advantage. Each client or community member you bring on board brings in revenue to your account. Grow your vertical, become master of your domain.

2. Promote and Sell

Each sale is tracked via backend unique code. We track this code through the sales cycle. Once your sale completes the cycle, your sale is counted in our ledger. Earnings are paid out 1st of each month via bank direct deposit or PayPal tm direct to you.

3. Rinse and Repeat

You're on a roll! Don't stop now. The more you earn, the higher up you go in our partnership plan. Start at Bronze, and work your way through Silver, Gold and then Platinum. Each level up increases your payout percent. Our payouts are very generous and higher than industry average.




Read our Affiliate Partner Program, terms and conditions here


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