Anti-Asian hate crime street proofing

Weekend Bootcamp Self Defence

Since its founding, Stop AAPI Hate has tracked more than 3,800 incidents of anti-Asian hate, violence, and harassment.1

Hi, my name is Lee Chiang. I’m the owner of Oracle Jiu Jitsu academy. Rooted in a martial art that seeks to defend oneself in a controlled measure, without the need to throw a single punch or kick. Growing up in the streets of Toronto’s infamous Jane and Finch corridor, Lee early on learned to navigate the streets. He learned where to be careful, places to avoid and how to spot a potential dangerous situation ahead of time.

“You had to know these things to stay safe and make it home in one piece. It wasn’t optional, it was simply survival.”


– How to spot trouble before trouble finds you
– How to prepare yourself even before an attack
– How to avoid engaging – verbal talk down – physical distance management
– If you must engage what to do
– immobilize your aggressor (double leg takedown, arm drag 2 back take, waist hug to leg trip) to mount
– if being choked how to peel fingers off
– if being bear hugged from rear
– if mounted, how to defend from blows to sweep