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This is your School Analytics Report and Stats page where you will find valuable insight into the inner workings of your school/academy. Browse the current list of data and graphs available to you as part of your subscription service. Stay tuned as this list will only keep expanding with even more valuable insights. Insights that should help you stay ahead of the curve and pre-emptively take proactive measures to improve your products and customer service. In short, to help you stay ahead of the competition, keep a great attrition rate and provide value to your clients.

Belt Velocity ™ (“BV”) = belt value/duration. Duration calculated as the time from initially joining your school to the last date of promotion. Velocity is calculated on a linear progression scale of belt weight ex. white = 1, black = 6. One should keep in mind, because one does not typically graduate from one belt to the next at exactly the same rate, due to particular challenges at each belt, BV is best used as a relative indicator. None the less the BV value offers valuable insight. To gauge relative performance, e.g. if you take ten (10) years to achieve your black belt, you will have had a BV = 1.6. A higher score is better.


Belt Velocity Distribution: Scatter Plot


Number of students with a velocity:     11


Velocity distribution: Pie Chart


Average Age:       15    years.


Age plot distribution