How to verify instructors (among other capabilities)

Verifying an instructor is easy.

As an owner, when you are in your dashbaord, simply click on ‘your instructors list’ to open a sub dashboard with a list of your current active instructors.

You have several options from here.

  1. Verify/unverify an instructor. (see fig a) 

    This has the authority to allow/disallow the instructor to be able to be viewed under the list of instructors that are chooseable from the instructors drop down list in the student dashboard.

  2. Add to Frontdesk/remove from Frontdesk. 

    This has the authority to enable front desk duties to this instructor. Capabilities include the ability to scan in students to verify active memberships.

  3. Assign Booking Calendar/remove booking calendar. 

    This has the authority to allow an instructor to have the capability to receive student 1:1 bookings, as part of their dashboard


Fig. a) How to verify, give Frontdesk and Booking Calendar capabilities to instructors