Owner & Instructor School Registration Success



You have successfully registered yourself with your school/academy.

If you are a School Owner, you’ll need to have an active paid membership to proceed.

  • Please proceed to here to make your selection
  • After your purchase please allow 24-48hrs for V3DA hub to verify your account and activate before you can start using your V3DA hub. Otherwise, you will receive a ‘restricted content‘ message.
  • Please create a separate account for EACH person ex. if you’re an owner, avoid also adding your name in the ‘instructor’ field. Rather, create a brand new account as an instructor. If you did add your name, click the ‘back’ button, delete your name and save again.

If you are an Instructor. At this point, you can remind your coach/school owner that you’ve completed your school registration because:

  • he/she will need to verify you and/or
  • give you instructor booking calendar privileges

    Both will be required in order for you to see your dashboard. Until then, you’ll only see a ‘restricted content‘ message.

*Remember there never is a cost for instructors and students.

Once you are confirmed, please

  • log back in and you will be automatically redirected to your dashboard


Welcome to the V3DA hub team!