ULTRA pro learn more


1. How does it work?

– Once you’ve registered on the left and you verify account/pw via email, come back here.
– Simply answer a few questions in the below ‘Lets start’ link.
– We’ll arrange a call with you to review our program details, including payout schedules.
– Once your application is reviewed and agreed upon by both parties, your ULTRA page will be open to accepting new ULTRA students.

2. How much do my students pay?

– Students pay $20 per month on a subscription basis. That entitles them to one question per month across ALL ULTRAs. But depending on the ULTRA, you may choose to answer more.
– What happens if they need to ask more questions? No problem, they simply can purchase additional power packs to boost up their account with their ULTRAs. Of course they can cancel at any time.

3. What kind of questions will my students ask?

– Anything really. Here are a few possibilities:
“What do you think about this. . .?
“I’m having trouble in this area. . . what do you recommend?”
“Do you have any recommendations for people who are experiencing this . . .?”
or just simply “hey how’s it going?”