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Hey ULTRA student,

Glad that you're interested in ULTRA. This is your rare window of opportunity to get access to some of the most sought after, high performing, high achieving leaders out there. All from the convenience of your V3DA hub account.


So let's get started.

1. How does it work?

It's real simple.

If you're already a V3DA hub member, click the 'lets start' button now. Otherwise, join now for free. You don't even need to be affiliated or be part of an existing school or academy.

   - Once you're setup and perused through our growing list of ULTRAs, simply make a selection and proceed to checkout.
   - Once you've subscribed, directly in your dashboard, you will see a direct link to your ULTRAs


2. What type of coaches are invited to ULTRA?
ULTRA coaches (or just 'ULTRAs' for short) are by invitation only. We select only the best of the best from a diverse set of industries and disciplines. Like what you ask? While there are no restrictions, the list can include anywhere from Life Coaches, Professional Athletes, Top Executives, Industry specific leaders, Professionals, Instructors and Professors, or plain old really damn smart, talented people.


3. How much does it cost?
Our launch promo is $20 per month subscription. That entitles you to a question each month for EACH ULTRA coach. Depending on your ultra, they may decide to  answer more questions.

What happens if I need to ask more questions? No problem, simply purchase additional power packs to boost up your account with your ULTRAs. Of course you can cancel at any time, but why would you? $20 for all an access to the TOP leaders in the business, across most leadership coaching fields? . . . you'd be nuts to.

4. What kind of questions can I ask?

Anything really. Here are a few suggestions:

Ask a Life Coach:

"How do I get unstuck from your current situation?"
"I'm having trouble in this area. . . what do you recommend?"

Ask a Pro Athlete:

"Do you have any recommendations for people who are experiencing this . . .?"
"I practise the same sport as you, how would you recommend me improve my game?"

Ask an Executive:

"I'm in a situation at work, how would you handle it?"
"I can't seem to break through an apparent glass ceiling at work. What should I do?"



Your options are endless.
Their wealth of knowledge deep.
Tap into it now.



Let's start