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Welcome to V3DA Marketplace!

The Marketplace is dedicated to all the coaches and their students. From career coaches, life coaches, recreational coaches, and professional coaches alike.

What kind of content would a student/client expect to find here?

That's a great question. They will find programs, certifications, instructional videos and online classes. Unlike other markets out there, V3DA Marketplace focuses on the coach-student relationship.  This means that our coaches have been selected for their past professional proven track record as an existing coach.

"Our coaches are the best in their business".


Our mission:
"To provide customized true coaching style content to the average user who wants to excel like the pros, without sacrificing quality and competitive pricing."




Key Benefits at a glance


Higher payout rates than the industry average

Instant deposit of proceeds to your account of choice

Leverage a powerful tool with no technical skills to complement your business


View up-to-date marketplace data, revenue in your custom vendor area

Tiered partners can earn upwards of up to 60% per sale at platinum level

V3DA hub integrated. Offer your students their own professional dashboard.





Revenue Stream

V3DA hub can help your bottom line by adding more cash into your account. Month over month. It's simple. Each sale is money in your bank account. A percentage of the purchase price get automatically deposited to your account, every month.

Zero Capital Investment

The most common barrier to expansion faced by today’s small businesses is lack of access to capital. Expand without the risk of debt or the cost of equity. Joining our Marketplace program has a zero barrier to entry. Join while it's still free to join.

Motivated Partner

We want to see you succeed. If you succeed, we succeed. So we'll do our best to provide you a simple and easy to implement strategy, with zero technology requirements - turn key to start. It's that simple.

Edge on Competitors

You're looking for market differentiators in your overcrowded market. Unique selling propositions are challenging to come by. V3DA Marketplace gives you value add turn-key 'USP'. Simply drag and drop.

Distributed Resourcing

You don't need technical staff, product, program nor project managers to launch a sophisticated tool like V3DA Marketplace. You focus on your business and we'll ensure V3DA Marketplace keeps humming in the background.

Reduced Risk

We've already sunk in huge capital investments in infrastructure, technology, staffing and marketing so you don't have to. The risk to reward ratio is extremely low. Meaning, little risk but high potential. What else could you want?


Lifetime Payouts

Create content once, and it continues to work for you, even when you're sleeping. What's not to like. But of course, you'll keep your content fresh and relevant, giving your viewers what they need to see in a timely fashion.


Marketplace Landing Page

Marketplace vendors receive their own dedicated subdomain off V3DA hub i.e. yourbusiness.v3da.com. Making it easy to send clients to your landing page. This is included in the program.


Your Personal Dashboard

With access to your very own personal dashboard, you get real time access to your stats, view your earnings, setup products and setup your profile. 

So, how does it work?


1. Own your specialty

What's your specialty? Focus on what you're good at, you know you're the best. That's why we want coaches like you. Apply below.

2. Promote and Sell

Each sale is tracked via our backend V3DA hub platform. You don't have to lift a finger. Just get your content up (ask us for assistance, heck we might even help you shoot some video). We recommend that you continue with your normal sales and marketing, but only now include your new program.

3. Rinse and Repeat

You're on a roll! Don't stop now. The more you earn, the higher up you go in our partnership plan. Each level up increases your payout percent. Our payouts are very generous and higher than the industry average.


Contact us to get started.

Be sure to tell us why you're special, and how you make a difference to your clients.

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