V3D.Ai is a digital personal assistant consulting agency

We provide professional consulting services experience from blue chip companies like IBM, Microsoft and BMO. Using the power of Artificial intelligence ('Ai), to create digital personal assistants powered by Ai for small businesses as well as personal use.

What does this mean?

Our consulting service will build custom personal digital assistants powered by the most advanced artificial intelligence out there to help you or your business.

What is a personal digital assistant?

If you've ever wanted to have someone who knows you or your business as intimately as you do, then V3D.Ai may have the right solution. With V3D.Ai, your assistant can answer very complex questions about you or your business, in a fraction of a second, that otherwise, would possibly have taken someone days, maybe weeks, to search and answer. Optionally you can have it be your front-end greeter, taking highly complex questions and answering them very intelligently on time, which otherwise would be time-consuming for a multi-staffed helpdesk. 

How is this possible?

Data. V3D.Ai requires that you have access to your data. The more, the better it will understand you and your business. Our consulting service will work with you to securely and privately source your data, transform it in the necessary format, and consume it in a machine-readable format. With the power of large language models, V3D.Ai can take your data and find trends, ideas, facts and observations. But more importantly create a real-time dialogue with the user, in a friendly concise manner.

How can this help me?

With all your data at your fingertips, you can make faster, timely decisions, when you want. Often business waits for no one and time is of the essence. Or maybe you just need to know when was your last dental appointment, how much more funds are in your insurance claims or when was your last car maintenance, what was worked on or when was your last differential fluids changed. These are all readily available answers, if you have the power of V3D.Ai in your corner.

How do I get started?

Text or call us at 647-68O-7873 to setup a demo and consultation.