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*Grab a TAB annual commit membership and SAVE BIG! Use coupon “25offoneyearplans” to save an additional 25% off. By accepting this offer you agree to a one (1) year commitment to remaining in the program from the date of purchase** (don’t worry, you can still chose to pay month to month with our TAB program)

If you prefer to use our regular Pay as you Go, with our regular promotion of $199.99/mth without our TAB/1yr commit, simply DO NOT use the above coupon. Pay month to month and cancel anytime without fees.

Adolescents and teens are evaluated on a per-person basis. Size and technical aptitude are evaluated individually for best placement into the appropriate program.

  • Kids learn the effective art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu at an early age to engrain abilities to defend themselves in tough situations
  • Kids optionally learn to participate in competitions to further gain the ability to perform in front of large audiences and tough combat (but safe) situations. All while coach monitored and guided.
  • Kids learn the effective use of language and verbalization to talk through via dialogue, out of tough situations using proven techniques
  • How to create your personal ‘Ring of private space’ and what to do when that has been violated
  • Professor Lee, with over 25 years in corporate culture and professional acumen, is also certified in ‘crucial conversations’ program for de-escalating confrontations, finding solutions and the use of effective, proven methods to neutralize, and even turn bad situations into positive constructive ones
  • Most importantly they learn to defend themselves via takedowns, and multiple proven submission and escape techniques (of which require potentially zero injuries to an adversary vs the threat of injury to force your opponent into giving up). The ‘gentle art’ in its truest form.

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Membership subscription to Oracle Jiu Jitsu Academy Mississauga location (monthly and annual). Use this package for the kids program. Parent & Child program require both adult and child separate memberships. (click here for adults program)

This is a Gi-based class, unless otherwise stated.

The martial art of Jiu Jitsu is included in this package. This membership is for ONE Oracle Jiu Jitsu academy Mississauga location.

  • Gracie / Ribeiro / Britto – Jiu Jitsu For Life affiliation lineage – TOP trusted names in the business
  • Professor Lee is a Toronto BJJ academy Black Belt
  • Kid-friendly, safe and inclusive environment (P. Lee has two kids of his own)
  • Huge, clean and convenient location
  • Learn Self Defence / Street proofing / Anti-bullying
  • Learn the gentle art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (yet submit opponents)
  • Instill confidence and discipline
  • Get fit, while building lifelong friendships
  • Grow and be part of a community of like-minded JiuJitsuka
  • Learn the ground game that ALL MMA/UFC fighters MUST learn to survive and win
  • ON SALE NOW! Save 15% on monthly memberships. Save 22% on annual memberships. While supplies last.
  • FREE professional digital coaching management & dashboard on partner V3DA hub included in price. Industry-exclusive.
  • No sales pressure tactics. EVER. Publicly posted membership cost. Yes, we did
  • Completely 100% digitally self-managed membership from your pyjamas in bed. Cancel anytime.

. . . and remember, after purchase completion, please ensure you come back to and hit the big green ‘START’ button to start your FREE performance accelerator coaching membership with Oracle Jiu-Jitsu! You will be required to register with V3DA hub. To check in at the academy, use your membership QR code, located on your receipt/myaccount dashboard. *Pro Tip! Print it/Snap it and show it! 

** Discount terms and conditions: If you sign up, you save an additional 25% off your monthly bill (on select programs). You will be billed monthly at the reduced rate as long as you continue with Oracle in good standing as a member. Should you at any point decide that you no longer wish to stay on this program, you agree to be charged for EVERY month that you used the 25% promotion coupon for. For example, if you have changed programs, changed locations, changed schools, moved, or wish to indefinitely suspend the remainder of your 1 year term, you will incur a charge for the 25% savings that you received for every month that you had it i.e. a cancellation at month 4 (ex. you joined January 1, and cancelled on April 30, you will incur $199.99 – $143.75 = $56.24 x 4 months = $224.96 a one-time early cancellation fee. This program automatically rolls over each year on your anniversary, beginning a new cycle. You may cancel at the end of your annual term without any penalty. This program includes two (2) membership pauses (of no more than 4 weeks in total). Cannot be combined with any other offers and coupons. Requires a valid charge card with automatic billing enabled and made payment viable by you and your credit card provider/bank. Missed payments on due dates, beyond a second incidence, will incur a $20 reactivation fee for each occurrence in that annual billing cycle. Oracle jiu jitsu holds the rights to cancel this offer at any time without prior written notice whereby said membership returns to the original $199.99 fee.  Choosing to not participate in our TAB / 1 yr commit program is ok too, simple DO NOT use the above coupon upon checkout.

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