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V3DA advances to Pilot Launch

Toronto, Canada
February 16, 2021

For immediate press release.
V3DA hub is pleased to announce launch of their much anticipated pilot limited launch.

Lee Chiang, Owner and Founder, sat directly with his development team to watch, complete and personally test one last remaining feature to conclude a long backlog haul that started over a year ago.
“The entire life cycle has been years in the making, with continuous minor improvements and feature releases along the way” said Lee, continuing, “but today marks a milestone for us in finalizing the epic of epics”.

“Moving forward, we will quickly work with industry leaders in the coaching and school space to rapidly test all 12 engines firing at the same time”.
“We want to ensure that the product is flawless and robust out of the gate” said the long time entrepreneur and thought leader Lee.

Time will tell. We wish V3DA hub all the best.

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