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$99.99 / month

Congratulations! This plan allows parents to be with their little ones. Your child learns life-affirming, self-defence in a fun, challenging environment. 55 minute packed class of fun, stimulating, engaging activities that will get kids active! Parent involvement is optional.

You’ll help your child with your instructor to learn some fundamentals of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
Parents can feel confident that their little one will receive that special attention that only parents know how to handle. Our coaches are parents too.

  • This program is particularly beneficial for more sensitive, shy type, (we support special needs kids) who require a bit more parent presence/guidance
  • Parent will engage and work with their child(ren), however not participate in learning jiu jitsu related activities
  • Professor Lee, with over 25 years in corporate culture and professional acumen, is also certified in ‘crucial conversations’ program for de-escalating confrontations, finding solutions and the use of effective, proven methods to neutralize, even turn bad situations into positive constructive ones
  • See schedule:
  • typical class has a ten minute warm up, followed by 40 minutes of activities (sprinkled with several water breaks)

Sold By: Oracle Jiu Jitsu


Membership subscription to Oracle Jiu Jitsu Academy Mississauga location.

  • Parent ‘n Preschooler Only drop-in membership (auto-billing)
  • V3DA hub Certified instructor
  • Includes 4 classes in a single-month subscription. No need to carry over, as this membership renews each month fresh.
  • You may pause/reactivate your subscription up to 3 times/year.

The martial art of Jiu Jitsu is included in this package. This membership is for ONE Oracle Jiu Jitsu academy Mississauga location. This plan comes with 1 week free trial.

  • This program is particularly beneficial for more sensitive, shy type, (we support special needs kids) who require a bit more parent presence/guidance
  • Parents will interact with the class, offering support to manage his/her kids
  • Kids can graduate to kids program seamlessly in the future
  • We ask that kids be approximately 5 years old or younger
  • First aid trained/certified
  • Our coaches are vulnerable sector checks/Police checked
  • Gracie / Ribeiro / Britto – Jiu Jitsu For Life affiliation lineage – TOP trusted names in the business
  • Professors are Toronto BJJ academy Black Belt graduates
  • A safe, professional, inclusive environment
  • Huge, clean (steam disinfected mats) with seamless wall edging (so germs can’t hide), seamless no crack no tatami textured mats (another two common areas where germs and mildew love to grow)
  • Conveniently located int the heart of Streetsville, Mississauga
  • Learn Self Defence / Street proofing / Anti-bullying
  • Learn the gentle art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (yet submit opponents)
  • Instill confidence and discipline
  • No sales pressure tactics. EVER. Publicly posted membership cost. Yes, we did
  • Completely 100% digitally self-managed membership from your pajamas in bed. Cancel anytime



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