Qigong for motion and sea sickness

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Many thousands of years ago, in ancient China, traditional Chinese medical practitioners understood the subtle nuances of the human energy systems.

Today, we know them as, ‘Energy’ or ‘Lifeforce’.

Here in the west, it can be difficult to find an authentic practitioner. Particularly if you’re not near an Asian community.

Today, our now-retired Qigong practitioner, brings to you, from China, the authentic art of Qigong into the privacy of your home.

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This 25 minutes long video, you will see step-by-step Qigong movements to relieve yourself of motion sickness. You may have seen Tai Chi movements in the past. These are movements specifically chosen for the motion sick person.

If you feel the effects of motion sickness from sea travel, car, bus, train or just basic movements like walking, then Qigong therapy might be for you.
These special movements have been shown for thousands of years to heal and cure various ailments associated with poor energy flow or blockage.
Not just for motion sickness, Qigong helps with digestion, a clear focused mind and general well-being.

100% money-back guarantee.
If you are not completely satisfied after having tried this after 30 days of use, with no results, simply request a refund.
No questions asked. I will refund you your money.

* Please note: there is NO AUDIO instructions with this video. It is entirely shot to be understood by visual following of movements.
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