The Tesla Arc electrical experiment. An educational kit

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Our Tesla arc electrical kit is a complete kit allowing you to get started learning and doing experiments immediately.

You’ll start learning how electricity works, electrical equations, circuits, switches, voltage amplifiers, soldering, building in safety.

Estimated building time: 3 hours

Sales are final. No returns and/or exchanges allowed.

This is NOT a toy, consent of age required (18+).

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  • Video of the construction and actual finished product

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The Tesla Arc electrical experiment is an educational kit intended to train, educate and allow you to experiment with electricity. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR CHILDREN. REQUIRED AGE FOR PURCHASE 18+. Below required consent form required for completion of purchase. Purchased submitted without signed consent form, will be rejected.

You will discover the fascinating world of:

  • Capacitors
  • Voltage amplifiers
  • Circuitry
  • Soldering electronic parts
  • Simple electrical concepts (voltage vs current)
  • Switches
  • Redundant safety precautions
  • Wiring diagrams

What you receive in the kit:

  • Electrical compartment (pvc plastic)
  • Wires
  • Switches (x2 – 1 safety + 1 actuator). Please note: these are very small delicate momentary switches, like all small electronic parts, require care in assembling and handling. Failure to execute proper soldering may result in a faulty and/or inoperable end device. It is recommended to become proficient in solderings ahead of time and/or watch youtube videos to familiarize oneself.
  • Battery terminal
  • Voltage amplifier
  • Prongs (typical 120v N. American two-prong tip with plastic safety cap. NOT for charging. For electrical discharge)
  • Wiring diagram
  • Some parts may be substituted in the event of manufacturing changes, suppliers; your final product may look different from what is shown in the diagram
  • NOT INCLUDED & TOOLS REQUIRED: Soldering gun, solder wire, flux, safety glasses, 9v battery (you may use a regular or rechargeable battery), drill with 1/2″ and 1/4″ drill bit, glue gun and glue stick, screwdriver.- Voltage produced is 10,000 v however due to the limited distance of the leads (approx. 1 cm), only a non-fatal shock can be delivered if touched. Touching anyone or anything is prohibited.
    – Please be aware: please check with your local legal laws. It is illegal to carry “any device designed to be used for the purpose of injuring, immobilizing, or otherwise incapacitating any person” in Canada

    – NOT recommended as a personal safety device
    – NOT for resale
    – NOT FOR USE on anyone or thing
    – NOT to be carried on a person outside of your home
    – This is NOT a toy
    – Age consent requirement required (18+). See form below.
    – Death or serious injury can result if improperly handled with certain at-risk* individuals
    * People with pacemakers, heart conditions, arrhythmia, strokes and/or at-risk heart attack
    – Two prongs shown are part of a typical electrical prong and must NOT be inserted into an outlet. This device is NOT intended to be recharged via the two-prongs.
    Failure to observe this and inserting into an outlet will cause severe damage and/or combustion to the unit and person injury
    – Tampering or not explicitly following instructions voids all warranties. Even though no warranty is offered. Ya you read that right. It’s also just darn dangerous.

    – V3DA hub, OracleJiuJitsu and it’s parent company Ontario Inc. #2129184 (aka ‘the company’) assumes no legal ramifications from the use and experimentation of this educational kit. By ordering and experimenting, you acknowledge all of the above and honor that you will not use it to harm, injure individuals or things or carry in your possession outside of your home. You absolve ‘the company’ of ANY AND ALL legal actions against it. By purchasing this kit you accept the above.

    Video of the actual finished product

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Additional information

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Dimensions 15 × 15 × 10 in


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