Oracle Academy Mississauga – Self Defence Boot Camp

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Ya you heard right! 6 intense weeks of serious legit street proven techniques to give you the tools needed to get out of trouble.

  • Disable bigger, stronger people
  • Six intense weeks. 1 day/week = 1 self reliant warrior
  • Learn genuine techniques used in MMA/UFC 
  • Deadly maneuvers and non lethal techniques
  • We’re so confident that you’ll enjoy these six weeks that you’ll join our regular BJJ program

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You found it! Yes! The six week self defence boot camp that promises to transform you into a confident, inspired, equipped and knowledgeable self defence enabled JiuJitsuka!

  • About:
  • 1 day per week. Low commitment
  • Learn key self defence maneuvers
  • Defend and subdue aggressors cleanly
  • Walk confidently in dark parking lots
  • Deadly techniques used by MMA/UFC
  • Non-deadly techniques as well
  • Gracie / Ribeiro / Britto – Jiu Jitsu For Life affiliation lineage – TOP trusted names in the business
  • Professor Lee is a Toronto BJJ academy Black Belt
  • Safe, professional, inclusive environment
  • Huge, clean and convenient location
  • Learn Self Defence / Street proofing / Anti-bullying
  • Learn the gentle art of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (yet submit opponents)
  • Get full true resistance from other women
  • Instill confidence and discipline
  • Get fit, while building lifelong friendships
  • Grow and be part of a community of like-minded JiuJitsuka
  • Learn the ground game that ALL MMA/UFC fighters MUST learn to survive and win
  • Student discounts on custom-designed limited drop Oracle V3DA hub combat gear.
  • No sales pressure tactics. EVER. Publicly posted membership cost. Yes, we did
  • Completely 100% digitally self-managed membership from your pyjamas in bed. Cancel anytime
  • Student discounts on custom-designed limited drop Oracle V3DA hub combat gear

Not included:

  • Professional digital coaching management & dashboard on partner V3DA hub.
  • Digital curriculum (organized by cloud tag) easily organized by belt and topic.
  • Digital instant class video replay (watch your performance from the other night).
  • OracleTribe. Access to health and fitness programs (a YouTube channel).
  • Belt Velocity (know where you stand at any time relative to other students).
  • Leaderboard. Gamify your performance. And option to disable visibility.

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6 week program



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