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Oracle. Zoom. Together.

  • In-home LIVE Brazilian jiu-jitsu classes taught over the web
  • You just need a tv, laptop, or mobile device, space to train and an internet connection
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The ALPHA stream program.

For every journey, there is a beginning. ALPHA.

We’re all cooped up in our homes, some with company, others without. What do we all have in common? The potential for the shared experience of friendship and comradery while learning and having fun with an exceptional martial art. All while getting fit.

So guys, here’s the deal.
Even if you are solo, this is made for you, with just you and your room.


  • But if you have a partner, great! Ensure you’re both signed up.
  • Have a kind friend you can practice on but doesn’t want to join/participate? No problem
  • mma dummy or live partner required
  • Instructions to join the webcast (membership required – this product page gets you in!)
  • If you are brand new and prefer starting with our “programmatic” model i.e. Day 1 beginning > catch up to live. Go here:

Let’s jump into the details I know you want to know.
How does this work?
What will the class structure look like?

I’m glad you asked.


  • The ALPHA stream is a mixed program of LIVE in-person over the web, interactive programming and recorded classes (two each, with the recorded being the previous class
  • Class link details are found here (this product purchase grants you access to this link)
  • Like in-person PHYSICAL classes, we’ll start each live class with a 10-15 warm-up. Gonna be late? Yes, burpees.
  • The technique (one or two)
  • Specifics drill (solo or partnered)
  • Live rolling (obviously partnered only) – Lee will stay online and supervise.
  • Ensure to setup 30 minutes prior to class. Login. Turn ON your camera (mandatory to participate). Turn ON your microphone. I recommend to test your setup the night before
  • Don’t forget, in addition to live coaching, online classes also get personal digital performance coaching tracking via your unique V3DA hub dashboard, including your Belt Velocity! tm
  • Class curriculum is usually posted on your curriculum page 24-48 hours ahead of class, with detailed step by step instructions. Understand what we’ll cover before we cover it.
  • Post-class video are uploaded and private links shared in your curriculum page 36-48 hours after class. For your viewing and re-viewing pleasure. Watch it as many times as you like.


PRO TIP! Screencast to your TV! (click to open details).

 Sit tight. Classes will make every effort to start exactly on the hour and/or when your professor arrives.

And that’s it.
Sweet and simple.
1 hour long start to finish.


What do I need in class?

  • A small safe space to train, free of objects and pets. Preferably on a carpet or mat
  • MMA dummy or live partner (mandatory). Some classes require a wooden staff that reaches up to your chin.
  • Gi or NoGi (Gi only)
  • Water and a towel
  • Your webcam setup with internet-connected
  • no webcast software download or account needed (ex. Skype, Zoom). Just browser-based & join as a guest. Link.

Please note: all Oracle Jiu Jitsu classes (incl. online) are recorded. This is for security, safety and archive training which may or may not include commercial intents (exclusive only to academy members). By signing up for this membership you give consent to the use of your image in the videos for the above purposes.



Adult/Teen day 1 class: Mondays 8 – 9 pm (recorded)
Adult/Teen day 2 class: Wednesdays 7-8 pm (live)
Adult/Teen day 3 class: Fridays 8 – 9 pm (recorded)
Adult/Teen day 4 class: Saturdays 10 – 11 am (live)


Click here for all class link details (link requires membership)*
*complete the purchase on this page first, then click on link



Exclusively for launch, membership comes with an automatic free additional membership to our Oracle Life – OracleTribe. (you will be redirected to YouTube).

OracleLife is Lee’s foray into YouTube channel content creators where Lee creates fresh original content, all things Jiu-Jitsu lifestyle-related. The channel includes but not limited to:

  • Exclusive unedited end to end narrated sparring sessions (stop and rewind to your heart’s content)
  • Techniques
  • Nutrition
  • Exercise routines ex. strong man tire training (including TireMax and TirePro)
  • Behind scenes operational side of running an (and digital) academy
  • Of course, your individualized world’s no.1 personalized adaptive data-driven coaching and student performance accelerator framework V3DA hub dashboard (aka your 1:1 digital coaching tool)

Regular price of $30/mth, sold separately. Returning students, you will be given instruction on how to register with Oracle Jiu-Jitsu school (if you’re part of Ryerson for example – see FAQs below).


*Looking for the page to reference/share? Go here.


Sign up today and receive the 1st week of Oracle Zoom BJJ free to try*

* You’ll be billed the following week if you chose to remain on board. If you choose not to, no problem. Simply cancel from your membership dashboard.





Q. Do I need to know BJJ?
A. No. All levels welcome.

Q. What age groups are allowed?
A.  currently there are no restrictions on age or sex. It’s a universally designed course for all. With V3DA hub technology, the #1 adaptive coaching performance accelerator, Oracle can easily and quickly pivot to changes in needs and demands.

Q. I’m confused. How does this ALPHA Stream program work?
A.  It’s simple. Days 1 and 3 are recorded. Days 2 and 4 are LIVE. The former are in fact recorded sessions of the previous LIVE session.

Q. Do I have to complete the four-day program, each week?
A.  This is our recommendation based on the target group’s objective. To be ripped, fit with fastest improvement gains. But if you can’t keep up, that’s fine. Do what you can.

Q. I’m a parent/guardian with a child(12yrs+). I want to join both (or more) of us. What’s the best way to do this?
A. Depending on whether each participant wishes to have a) separate login accounts, which includes their own unique V3DA hub digital coach dashboards, and b) whether each participant wishes to be graded for belt promotion. If you answered a ‘YES” to either one, then it’s highly recommended to sign up each individual separately under ‘Oracle Jiu Jitsu’ school. If you wish to keep accounting simplified, you may wish to initially add ALL your subscriptions (each participant) onto ONE single account (your master parent account). Then create a single OracleJiuJitsu school account for each individual. Confused? We can walk you through it. Just call and speak to us over the phone.

Q. I have a friend, roomie, family member who is allowing me to practice on. Can he/she participate?
A.  Yes! Please thank this individual! This person is NOT required to have a paid membership. However, if he/she would like to participate in the FULL class (warm-ups, drills, etc), please allow them to grab a membership and join in on the fun and learning.

Q. What if I miss a class? 
A. Join the next available session. Or if you’re a keener, grab the recording from your dashboard and do it.

Q. What is the webcast URL and web tool you use?
A. Go to this page for the latest updates (membership required). 

Q. Are the waivers and health forms that I need to fill out?
A. Yes. Login to V3DA hub (using your id created upon membership purchase). Select ‘forms’ and follow the instructions.

Q. Will the curriculum be posted ahead of time in my curriculum dashboard?
A.  Yes! As always, we use the #1 adaptive coaching improvement accelerator with built-in curriculum management to drop the techniques ahead of time (usually at least 24 hours before class). So drop in. Take a peek.

Q. Do I need to wear a Gi?
A. Yes. Many of BJJ’s techniques employ the use of an opponent’s Gi.  We offer premium Gi’s, custom-designed and fitted yours truly at a very competitive price. 

Q. What if I have a question during the session?
A. All the rules of normal dojo etiquette are to be followed as close as possible (future referenced with a # symbol). Within reasonable limitations of course. Please wait for the instructor to ask if there are any questions, which typically happens at the end of the technique explanation.

Q. What happens if I need to go to the bathroom during the session?
A. (#) Please excuse yourself from the class without disruption, bowing out to exit out of camera and again bowing in to come into camera (waiting for instructor’s approval on the return portion).

Q. Is talking allowed?
A. No.

Q. Am I allowed to help and provide instructions to my partner?
A. (#) No. Please raise your hand and wait for the instructor to address you.

Q. Are grading and promotions still part of the online zoom academy?
A. Yes.

Q. Oracle Jiu Jitsu physical academies have re-opened, what will happen to the zoom online academy?
A. It will continue as normal. You will have the option to continue, participate in BOTH or switch. Want to have a bundle package? Use promo code “20offOmegaBundle” to save 20% off an Omega membership when you are already holding a live in person dojo membership. *Restrictions apply to those who have not had a free trial period used yet in any program, otherwise, the coupon will not work.

Q. Do I need to join both the physical and the online academy once the physical academy re-opened?
A. If those are the modalities of training that you prefer, yes. Otherwise, you are free to choose whatever you like. At some future date, there may be an ‘all-in’ single priced membership purchase ie. both physical and online. Pricing is subject to change as always.

Q. How will grading and promotions be handled?
A. (#) Typically bi-annually we will hold virtual promotions. Typically once in summer and once in calendar year-end. Hopefully, once we are allowed back into the academy and there is no risk, we will proceed with in-person grading and promotions. Please see above FAQ on Gi vs No-Gi belt promotion streams.

Q. Do I need a V3DA hub account? What ‘school’ do I join? Where’s my dashboard?
A. An account is automatically created for you upon purchase of membership. Upon your next login, you will be re-directed to your personal V3DA hub dashboard. Complete missing fields AND select Oracle Jiu Jitsu‘ as your school. The last part is particularly important as it’s what identifies you to Oracle Jiu Jitsu and gives visibility to you and your instructor’s dashboard. You will be automatically added to the OracleTribe group content. Do not select ‘OracleTribe’ as your school under ‘school name’ selection.

Q. How do I get access to my exclusive OracleLife – OracleTribe content?
A. Visit my OracleLife channel on YouTube. Be sure to hit the ‘subscribe’ button. ‘Like’ your fav videos and ‘share’ while you’re there. It’ll help me immensely. Your V3DA hub dashboard is already configured for OracleLife exclusive content. Login to V3DA hub. It will appear in the ‘curriculum’ section/link (as do the actual curriculum for the week – both online and physical academy). OracleLife content will be marked as such.

Q. Are the Oracle Jiu Jitsu Online classes (recordings) available for review after class?
A. Yes. All classes are available now. Continuous new releases weekly (paywall exclusive to Oracle Jiu Jitsu Online members only. OracleLife/Tribe YT members do not have access and require a separate purchase). Go to your dashboard > curriculum. Scroll to the bottom for private URL links to videos. Oracle Online OMEGA recorded self-paced stream is available (separate membership required).

Q. Is my existing account with physical Oracle Jiu Jitsu / V3DA hub still valid? Are they the same (vs Oracle Online) or do i need to consolidate them?
A. Yes, kinda, and no, respectively.

Your physical OJJ membership (if you have one) is still valid (while on pause during covid), however, it is in fact a separate membership from the Oracle Online membership. Assuming you logged in with your previous account then both subscription memberships will be accessible in one account (as visible from your ‘my-account’ page).

If you see two separate subscription memberships in your “my account” page then no need to do anything. They are consolidated. Just login using your existing credentials. If you do NOT see both subscription memberships, email us to help you rectify/consolidate your accounts (if you wish to).

It’s perfectly fine to have two accounts. But managing them might get tricky for you.

Q. Is my Ryerson BJJ / V3DA hub account valid and should i still use it?
A. Yes and yes.

Continue to login using your existing account, only now you should scroll down your dashboard and select “Oracle Jiu Jitsu” as your new school. Allow 48hrs for approval before your changes get reflected. Ensure that you have a paid membership (this product page – otherwise, you will not have access).

Continue to remain with OJJ even if you go back to Ryerson. This gives you access to the OracleLife content, current curriculum, seniority, and accurate calculation of your belt velocity.

Q. I’d like to sell Oracle Jiu Jitsu services like Oracle Online. How can I?
A. Great. Yes, you can. Currently, you can enroll in our affiliate partner program to sell Oracle Zoom among many other products like memberships, and earn hefty commissions.

In addition, you’re already registered to sell Oracle Jiu Jitsu memberships from our referral program, once you’re a V3DA hub member. Go to “my account” to get started.

Both are great. The latter is for long-term professional sales people and requires a bit more work. The former is for the casual seller.

Easy Peasy.

That’s all folks.

Prof. Lee





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